Point #1: * High intensity training, 70% or more of your VO2max, and variable intensity training (high to moderate to high) is the training that improves strength, power, speed and endurance. This is the training that challenges your body, stimulates muscle cell fiber growth and enhances aerobic capacity. This exercise intensity level requires carbohydrate to fuel any activity, from speed drills to power lifting.

Point #2: * Fueling around exercise, before, during and after, ensures best performance for that exercise bout, and enhances the body's ability to take the greatest advantage of that day's training. Recovery is not only faster; it is better. The damage to muscle fiber tissue, called Muscle Protein Breakdown, may be lessened. Muscle fiber growth as a result of the healing and recovery after exercise, called Muscle Protein Synthesis, may be enhanced. You have maximized your training time, and you will be able to train just as hard later in the day or on successive days.

Point #3: * Fueling around training raises your metabolic rate, and your calorie burn. By consuming calories before exercise you raise your metabolic rate (called the Thermic Effect of Food), and you burn more calories during training. When you are fully fueled, your brain allows your cells to keep metabolic processes moving along at full tilt. So you burn more calories, get a better workout, and get a better training effect. When you recover with good nutrition shortly after exercise, you further raise your metabolic rate. After several weeks you have built more muscle, and you burn more calories even sitting still!

Point #4:
  • Fastest Muscle Fuel™
  • Faster Recovery
  • 100% Sugar-Free
  • No Bloat

Vitargo® is a patented, university-proven, 100% sugar-free super-carb that provides superior fuel to muscle almost twice as fast as maltodextrin, the fastest generic carb. It is the Fastest Muscle Fuel™. No bloat, no crash. VitargoFX is Vitargo, formulated for women and girls.
VitargoFX is the Fastest Muscle Fuel™.


  • Empties from the stomach in just 10 minutes!
  • Independent, university-driven research studies prove: VitargoFX's patented IVg technology delivers faster gut transit, emptying from the stomach 2.3 times faster than maltodextrin + sugars.

Independent, university-driven research studies prove: VitargoFX gets into your muscle cells for fueling 1.7 times faster than maltodextrin + sugars after intense, exhaustive workouts.

  • Independent, university-driven research studies prove: VitargoFX boosts performance in your next workout or event up to 23% greater maximal endurance (average of 10% greater) 2 hours after exhaustive, glycogen-depleting exercise, compared to maltodextrin + sugars.
  • Independent, university-driven research studies prove: 178% greater insulin response than maltodextrin + sugars to turn off muscle protein breakdown within 10 minutes!
  • The most potent, natural way to activate the anti-catabolic signals that spare muscle protein.

Train and Sculpt

Athletic performance depends upon high intensity training to challenge muscles and stimulate a training effect. This is also the kind of training that encourages a lean, sculpted physique. High intensity training is dependent on carbohydrate for fuel.

With VitargoFX you can:

  • Fuel your training
  • Increase the intensity and duration of your training
  • Enhance your performance

Studies show that when you increase the intensity and duration of your training, you can:

  • Increase your calorie burn during training
  • Increase your calorie burn for many hours after training, called the afterburn
This combination is the science-based formula for a sculpted body! It works! Elite fueling for hard training is the ideal system to sustain metabolic balance and a sculpted physique.